Attorney Profiles

Gill Ragon Owen, P.A. Attorney Profiles

The attorneys that make up Gill Ragon Owen, P.A. are people first and lawyers second. Our interests – as well as our professional experience – extend over a wide range and this gives us, as a team, a wonderful perspective through which to help our clients. We want you to know us better and we hope to get to know you, as well.

Robert B. Beach,, 501.801.3869
Don Lloyd Cook,, 501.801.3855
Stephen K. Cuffman,, 501.801.3850
Chad L. Cumming, Jr.,, 501.801.3851
Wm. David Duke,, 501.801.3868
Beth Echols,, 501.801.3811
Matthew B. Finch,, 501.801.3807
Roger H. Fitzgibbon, Jr.,, 501.801.3805
John P. Gill,, 501.801.3802
Daniel Goodwin,, 501.801.3806
Aaron M. Heffington,, 501.801.3860
Jason Lee,, 501.376.3809
Drake Mann,, 501.801.3859
Judy P. McNeil,, 501.801.3853
Kelly W. McNulty,, 501.801.3804
Katie A. Middleton,, 501.801.3812
Charles C. Owen,, 501.801.3801
Dylan Potts,, 501.801.3808
Heartsill Ragon, III,, 501.801.3810
Jenny Holt Teeter,, 501.801.3814
Christopher L. Travis,, 501.801.3803
Danielle M. Whitehouse,, 501.801.3863
Jordan Wimpy,, 501.801.3816
Chad L. Wood,, 501.801.3861




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