Education Law


Education Law

Education Law encompasses a wide variety of federal and state laws, ranging broadly from First Amendment rights of students to construction and finance laws. The attorneys comprising the Gill Law Firm’s Education Law Practice Group represent educational institutions, companies, and families navigate the variety of laws related to primary, secondary, and post-secondary education in Arkansas. 

Our attorneys represent families with children who have special needs, providing guidance and counsel in the acquisition of appropriate accommodations under the IDEA and Section 504 of the ADA. This representation can include advocacy during the evaluation of a child for qualification under either law as well as during the development, and / or implementation of a child’s education plan. When a district violates a child’s rights, our attorneys advocate for that child. These efforts include challenging school districts’ failure to implement 504 Plans and IEP’s, including advocacy in federal courts and due process hearings before the Arkansas Department of Education. 

The Gill Law Firm has also provided counsel to school districts, private schools, parochial schools, charter schools, and other educational institutions. Whether it is financing the construction of new facilities or addressing employee matters, these institutions have found our attorneys give counsel that balances a thorough knowledge of the law with a practical understanding of the efficient operations of educational institutions. 

The Education Law Practice Group has also provided a unique perspective to businesses that contract with educational institutions. Any business that seeks to enter into an agreement with a school district, educational cooperative, or similar institution should engage counsel who understand the wide array of federal and state educational laws that will impact that agreement. Such an understanding can help a business ensure that its contract with an educational institution does not result in unforeseen risks or costs. Our unique experience as attorneys who are business attorneys with a background in education law has proven invaluable to our clients who contract with educational institutions.