Financial Transactions

& Bank Services

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Financial Transactions & Bank Services

We’ve represented numerous commercial banks and finance companies for years, providing loan documentation, collateral due diligence, loan documentation and closing services. Our lender’s counsel services include a focus on apartment complex, shopping center and commercial office building construction and permanent financing. We are also experienced in acquisition, development and construction lending, accounts receivable and inventory revolving credit facilities, and other fixed-asset and income producing term and line-of-credit facilities.
We are nationally-recognized bond counsel in municipal finance, and we advise municipal bond underwriters, issuers and investors. This includes traditional municipal bond and trust indenture financings, the use of tax-exempt lease purchase agreements, and finding creative and unique forms of municipal finance – the list goes on. We maintain ongoing relationships with ratings agencies. For the last decade we have annually represented clients in connection with a half billion dollars of finance transactions. Additionally, we were chosen as “Business Transactions Law Firm of the Year in Arkansas – 2015” by Global Law Experts in their 6th Annual Global Law Experts Awards. We’re ready to help you get the job done.
Other sub-categories of our practice here include:
Alternative Energy Solutions Finance
Securities Regulation
Portfolio Finance and Asset Securitization
Non-Profit Administration