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Real Estate Development & Finance

We have extensive experience in providing legal guidance and counsel related to real estate, whether unimproved property, property in the development stages, or property after development is completed.  In connection with real estate acquisition, development, or management, we cannot overstate the importance of establishing the best corporate structure, conducting aggressive negotiation, and providing accurate documentation.  We are well known to the resort development community through our involvement with the American Resort Developers Association, and we serve as counsel to many companies in the resort development industry.
We were recently named by “Corporate America Legal Elite of 2015″ as “Best in Real Estate Finance–Arkansas.”  We were also chosen as “Business Transactions Law Firm of the Year in Arkansas – 2015” by Global Law Experts in their 6th Annual Global Law Experts Awards.
Additionally, one of our partners sits on the Editorial Board of the Retail Law Strategist, a leading industry trade publication.
Our practice areas within real estate development and finance include:
Real Estate Acquisition, Disposition and Financing
Shopping Center Development
Resort Communities Development, Subdivision Development, Timeshare Development and Finance